Sunday, 21 April 2013

Update and Marc B - Sample Sale

Hi guys, I'm sorry it has been a while! I've been back and forth with University and being at home, whilst trying to get all my work completed for second year, whilst also in the run up to exams! Which are fast approaching! :(  
(I am currently in Winchester at the moment, with most of my stuff at home, so I apologise if this post is a little bare!)

However, I did make time to go into London whilst at home after seeing that Marc B had a sample sale.
For those of you who don't know, a sample sale is generally referred to when a business or company have excess merchandise, such as samples before final production etc and they sell it on at a reduced price! It was an absolute bargain! 
I was in fact rather naughty, but I couldn't resist the bags themselves and how little the price was! 
So, along with my little sister we went to the Marc B offices with the intention of picking up a bargain, it is safe to say that intention was definitely fulfilled.
I bought five bags and two purses! Having only bought one the day before as well! It is safe to say, my mum wasn't too impressed and my bedroom now needs a rather large clearout! 

Sorry for the rubbish photo! 
All of this was for £40! 
If you saw my March Wishlist, you would have seen a Marc B bag that I had originally wanted, however, when I saw in in real life I decided against it, its a bit too big and bulky for my liking. And the sample sale had so much choice! 

Madison Black Tote - Available for £55.
I got this one for £10, an absolute bargain! I'm so pleased with this one, I think I can get a lot of uses out of it! A real bargain and I absolutely love the quilted effect! The first Marc B bag I owned back in 2008 was a quilted one and is how I fell in love with them so this is definitely one of the reasons I love this so much!
All of the Marc B handbags contain the distinguishable leopard print lining, which is something unique I love about the brand. They even have a leopard print wall in their offices!

Juliet Maroon Tote - Available for £49.
Also for a tenner I picked up the Juliet in maroon. Out of all the bags I think this is the one I am going to get the least amount of use out of. I think its definitely more of a autumn/winter bag, but I still think it is really cute, especially with the signature Marc B gold hardware.   

Lottie (Tan?) Ostrich - Available for £55.

Also for £10 was the Lottie. This is quite a deep tan colour, I can't find it on the exact one website, they have a black and camel one at the moment. But I really love this one, it's really huge, perfect for travelling and taking my things into University in it! 
Whilst at the sample sale, I saw loads of girls going for this one. And for a tenner, it's amazing! 
Lastly, these two bags which I think might possibly be my favourites out of them all! - even so, I had to buy the same one in different colours! It's the Daisy Quilted Tote, I got this in both black and white. I am currently using the black one and it's just the most perfect size for me! Especially whilst carrying everything back Winchester this week! I can't wait to use the white one, I think it'll look really nice in the summer!
I think these are possibly my best buys as they were only a fiver each! 

So for the price of not even one bag, I bought 5! I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for sample sales as as you can see, you can pick up some real bargains! Just don't go too crazy like I did! 
I also got two purses (a quilted white and pink one), if you spent over £50 you got a free purse, which with my sister we did that.  One of the lovely ladies that worked at Marc B said we could pick up another one. So making it even more of a bargainess trip!

My sister with the mahoosive bag we had to carry back from the Marc B offices, full of all our wonderful buys! (which was also extremely heavy!)

I love the Marc B brand and would definitely recommend you checked them out!

(Heads up: I also saw on the their twitter that there is going to be another sample sale in the next few months) 


  1. I'm in the same position, so much uni work to do before 2nd year ends, plus exams. Finding the time to blog is hard but bring on summer!

    But wow! As if you got all of that for £40. Very jealous! Love the Lottie!
    Amy xx

    1. Ahh yes, summer is just around the corner! (If we look past the exams aha)
      I know, I couldn't believe it! Xx