Friday, 15 March 2013

Review: OPI - Original Nail Envy

I literally live for this thing! As you can see, I am running incredibly low! :(
If you haven't already tried this out, I definitely recommend you do so. I first heard about this product from my grandma, believe it or not! She is a avid beauty lover also and is always there to try things out and/or give her opinion. I have been nicking this off her for so many years.
The main usage of this product is as a nail strengthener. Personally, I don't have very weak nails nor do I have many ridges but I find it really improves whatever you have. 

You apply this as a base coat. I find that within a day of first applying two coats of it, my nails are already feeling stronger and healthier. I went without this for a few months at Uni and I could really notice the difference between using it and when not. My nails were breaking easily and because of that I ended up just picking at them, far from the perfect nails I want!
Not only does this strengthen your nails and provide a smooth surface, free from any unwanted ridges, it makes them grow so much faster too. This is one of the reasons I love this product so much. It makes such a difference and is the only product I have found to make my nails grow quickly, whilst protecting and strengthening them ensuring they don't break. 

I believe you are meant to apply it frequently during a week, but I only use it about twice. Sometimes I only apply it once, and even then that still makes a noticeable difference. I'd recommend this to anyone. As I have found, between me, my grandma and others who have used it, its not just for people with brittle nails. 
The price is pretty steep at around £18/£19, but it does last a very long time (you get the standard OPI amount of 15ml), and I don't think you need to put it on as often as is suggested (dependent on the individual).  

Available from Boots - £18.65, however, I've found it on Amazon for only £9.33

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