Tuesday, 12 March 2013

25 Facts About Me

1) When I was a bubba I used to have natural blonde highlights in my hair, they aren't so natural anymore!
2) I am 19 but soon turning 20 in May!
3) I am studying English Language at University, I am currently coming up to the end of my 2nd year.
4) I think when I am finished, I want to go into advertising/marketing/PR.
5) I have two younger siblings. My brother is 14 and my sister is 17.
6) I passed my driving test first time! :)
7) I really don't like the sea. The thought of not knowing where the bottom is and what is underneath me scares me beyond belief.
8) I have an amazing boyfriend called Matt, he's pretty cool. We've been together 2 years almost. 
Matt and I, 2012. 
9) He's a really good singer and pretty big on the ol' YouTube scene. Check him out!
10) I don't like really hot weather, nor do I like it cold. Spring is when I am most content.
11) I work part-time when I am not at University at a pub/restaurant.
12) I am quite a reserved person.
13) I wouldn't consider myself shy, but I often put on an act of confidence in some situations which is why people think I am.
14) I have been visiting Canada and America my whole life! I love travelling! 

Summer 2010 at my Aunt's house in Saint Louis, Missouri.
15) I first went on a plane when I was 11 months old.
16) I used to have a 'really cool' piczo site from the age of 12. It contained web graphics, sparkly things, beauty and fashion. It was my pride and joy for a long time.
17) I think I have every Disney film on VHS.
18) My favourite food is probably Italian. Pizza and pasta are my daily requirements.
19) People think I have ombre hair, but really its just because I've been so lazy that my highlights have grown out THAT much!
20) Back to me being lazy, having watched my grandma and my mum cook for my whole life, I'd say I was pretty alright. But, I live out the freezer.
21) I used to be pretty obsessed with McFLY. The amount of money and time I spent on them is ridiculous.I am still into them and am thankful for the people I met and learning experiences from that time.
22) I am a worrier and can be incredibly anxious. Its something that has become more apparent in the past few years and I am coming to terms with it. It annoys me a lot.
23) I've had a Tumblr since the beginning of 2009. Its a bit cringeworthy.
24) I used to really idolise Frankie Sandford. She was always my favourite S Club Junior but it may have also had something to do with the fact she was dating Dougie Poynter.
25) I used to think Peter Pan, the animated version, was my favourite film but now I'm not too sure. 

So, I hope that gives you a little bit more about me! You can find me on Twitter if you want to get in touch :)
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  1. You seem like a really interesting and well-spoken person. You wishlist is almost identical to mine! :)Because I get the feeling that I'm going to really enjoy your blog, I'm nominating you for a Liebster Award. If you don't know what that is, there's plenty of information on my page :) http://antiwritesstuff.blogspot.com